What is a recovery?

A recovery service is very straightforward. It is the act of providing someone with unlocks & modifications for a game. An example of such action is if we were to provide you with modded vehicles, large amounts of cash, and a custom level on Grand Theft Auto 5 Online. In order for us to complete these actions, we need to have access to your account on a PlayStation 3 Console. That is what we charge our customers for, not for the mods themselves, but the act of going onto your account and providing you with the recovery.

For any questions please visit our contact page.

Who are we?

Here at MayoModz, our goal is to offer you great gaming services & ensure the most straight forward and enjoyable experience possible!

No more spending countless hours ranking up and playing missions!

We are not affiliated with Rockstar Games. The Rockstar images all belong to their respective owners. We do not own any of the images or content.

How long does this take?

Every service will be completed within 24-48 hours. However, if we’re online at the time of your order, we could have it completed within 15 minutes or less depending on what you purchase!

PS3 Requirements:

To be able to receive PS3/PS4/XboxOne/PC services:

– An account needs to be created on a PlayStation 3
– The online tutorial for GTA 5 has to be completed
– Make sure your account isn’t linked to R* Social Club

PS4/XBOX ONE/PC Requirements:

To be able to receive PS4/XboxOne/PC services:

– An account needs to be created on a PlayStation 3
– The online tutorial for GTA 5 has to be completed with minumum of level 5
– Make sure your PS3 account is linked to R* Social Club as well as your desired next-gen account

*There is a 30 day wait time after your account is modded by us for it to be able to be transferred over to next-gen due to new updates by R*


All of the services offered transfer over to PS4/XboxOne/PC 

*This can only be done once per account. If you’ve done it already, you need a new psn account, you do not need Playstation Plus for a second psn account on the PS4 or on the PS3. As long as there is already an account on your PS4 with it, all profiles on the PS4 will be able to play online*

To be able to receive PS4/XboxOne/PC services: 
       – An account needs to be modded on the PS3 (It requires you to create it on a PS3 and complete the online tutorial) 
       – Link the account to RockStar’s Social Club
       – Using that account, transfer it over to the desired console we provide services for. 

*There is a 30 day wait time after your account is modded by us for it to be able to be transferred over to next-gen due to new updates by R*

If you need help transferring over, here is RockStar’s guide:


If you manage to get banned please let me know as soon as possible! It is never my intention to ban or inconvenience you. If you contact me with proof of purchase, I will gladly redo your recovery. I will redo your recovery only if it is within your ban warranty time limit. But keep in mind that REFUNDS ARE NOT AVAILABLE…

How do you know if you’re banned?
When you try to play GTA online it will tell you that you are banned.
If you try to create a new account and you are banned on that as well, you are console banned. You won’t be console banned forever so do not worry. You will just be banned for either 2 weeks, or about 3 months. It is the worst that can happen, but there isn’t anything you can do to fix it.

Did you lose your money?
If you end up losing your money, it is your fault. I will NOT get back onto your account to fix it unless you want to purchase another recovery. This can happen when you keep all your money in cash. DO NOT do this!
(All money given is in the bank to greatly minimize ban risk!)


If for some reason your account has not been completed, Skype message me as soon as possible! We are very honest and would never rip, scam, or tell a customer their account is completed when it clearly isn’t. We do get a vast amount of people visiting our site and purchasing recoveries, so every now and then an account might not be completed. If this happens to you please do not go around bashing me on social media as it may hurt my reputation so instead contact us via the contact page.


Ban warranty means that if you get banned at all while your ban warranty is still active, we will do the entire service again for FREE or we can do another account for you…REFUNDS ARE NOT AVAILABLE 

*Ban warranty does NOT cover, console bans, or a money sweep*


If you fail to read over the requirements and send us an account to modify that has already had a transfer done on it, there will not be any refunds granted. It is up to YOU to ensure that all your requirements are set.