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  1. I cant buy them on my phone wen will it not be under going maintenance also how do i buy it and which one should i buy im not trying to get banned so im not for sure what to do

    1. Hello,

      You should be able to purchase anything on our site through your mobile device with no problem whatsoever. We recommend our most popular service “Premium Service” with the “One Year Ban Warranty” if you have the money, and if you are looking for a cheaper service and the best I would recommend the “Primary Service” with the “One Year Ban Warranty”.

      MayoModz CEO

  2. Thanks mayo when i get payed ill definitely buy one it might b awhile till i get paid but for sure and thanks again man

  3. Ok thanks mayo and sorry im asking so many questions lmao but if i got the yearly thing do u think they would notice after that year was up cause im not gonna tell any body just in case but would rockstar notice

  4. hey man, is it possible for you to re transfer my account on my ps4 to my XB1? since you can only do it once through legit means i was wondering if you could by pass it somehow?

  5. My brother juste Buy Γ  15 dollars for be level 1000 and i dis not recive it us it you that your suppose to go on si accout if it us is username is clamato2000

  6. I ordered and nothing happened I tried contacting you by skye my daughter tweeted you and also commented under you yt video I’m starting to get worried

    1. Hello, I believe we are already working with you on Skype and answered all concerns on there as well.

    1. Yes we can, you might be interested in Premium Service where there is no limit on what level/rank you can choose!

  7. Hey, I was just introduced to this site and want to test it out I want to know if it works. So if anybody could tell me it work that would be appreciated, Thanks PS: If it does work thanks Mayo

  8. hi mayo,
    i just bought the premium service and one year extended band warranty.
    i payed with pay pal.
    what do i have to do now to make it work.


  9. mayo i’ve tried to contact you several times and it’s not working at all.. can you please contact me back as soon as you can?


  10. I like your site and I would like to buy from your website but how can I trust you and know you won’t take my money and run. Do u work with any Youtubers.

  11. I bought the money service good shitπŸ’―πŸ’― ima recommend all my friends to this siteπŸ™ŒπŸ˜ˆ I appreciate it

    1. Your account can be modded. You just need to make a new ps4 account which is very simple. Also, reason behind this is that R* only lets you transfer over once per account.

  12. Do you need to transfer if i buy the premium service or do you just get on my account do all your modding and then im good?

  13. I’m wondering about some things. I’m looking for a modded account because I’m tired of constantly having to rank up and earn cash in gta 5 instead of having fun. My main inquiry about your services were; Will I have to create a new account entirely to make sure my main xbox one account doesn’t get banned? and I was also wondering since I have to create a new account, I will also have to re-purchase gta 5 on that new account? These are just questions that I would like to know about πŸ™‚ – Thank you for your time, sincerely – SkidMark

    1. Hello,

      You cannot transfer over more than once per account. You don’t need to re-purchase GTA 5 as far as I am concerned, you might want to talk to Microsoft about that.

      MayoModz CEO

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